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Finding the Right Alloy Wheel Repair Service Provider

Finding the Right Alloy Wheel Repair Service Provider

Finding the right alloy wheel repair service centre is very important. We have compiled some useful information that will help you identify the right alloy wheel repair service provider in your locality.

  • Pick an experienced service provider
  • Pick a service provider who offers the best deal
  • Choose an alloy wheel repair company with a proven track record
  • Pick a company with great resources

If you are searching for an alloy wheel repair service centre with the above mentioned qualities, we will be able to help you. At Wicked Wheels we offer quality wheel repair at affordable rates. When choose us to repair your tyres you will get the following benefits:

  • Alloy wheel repair is cost effective
  • The process can be used to enhance the life span for your wheels
  • It is can be used to removal any kerb damage
  • Colour coordination with any colour of your choice

Alloy Wheel Repair Process

We offer thorough repairs to your alloys and the process includes:

  • Removal of the wheels from your car
  • Deflating the tyres
  • Repairer using varying techniques
  • Wheels are then primed to prevent corrosion
  • Bake it under infra-red lighting
  • ‘Flat out’ the primer to ensure a smooth finish
  • Paint it with the colour of your choice or matched to the original finish
  • Finally the tyres are inflated and refitted to your vehicle

In addition the repair services, we also offer services like alloy wheel refurbishment, alloy polishing, pothole damage repair and split rim rebuilds.

Before approaching us for any repair service you can check our price calculator to get an idea of the price. To get the best possible alloy wheel repair services, give us a call today.