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How to clean alloy wheels

How to Clean Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels make a car look great, but only if they are well taken care of, so many car owners want to know how to clean alloy wheels. Many people decide to upgrade when they buy a new vehicle without understanding that this type of wheel requires routine care and maintenance to stay looking good and to keep performing at a top rate.

How Often to Clean Alloy Wheels

  • Dirty wheels can get corroded and dirt and debris can cause pitting on your wheels and ruin the appearance.
  • Road maintenance, salt used on the roadways to melt ice, dust and other debris on the road all lead to these problems.
  • Where you live and where you drive will play a big role in how often you have to clean alloy wheels.

In addition to regular wheel cleaning, you will want to take steps to help protect your wheels and keep them looking good longer. Taking an extra step when cleaning your wheels to add a little protection will go a long way to extending the life of your wheels and helping cut down on how much you have to clean them.

Steps to Clean Alloy Wheels

To clean alloy wheels you will need to start by rinsing them off. This rinsing step will wash away any surface debris, which is important because once you start wiping and cleaning the wheels you do not want debris scratching your wheel surface.

After rinsing you will want to use a soft cloth to wipe down the wheel. Use a wheel cleaner for this step to help wash away any remaining dirt. Make sure you wipe gently and that you freshen the water in your cleaning bucket if it becomes dirty. You do not want to clean wheels with dirty water as it will not do the job correctly.

Once your wheels have been wiped, you will need to rinse them completely. Finish off by wiping down with a soft cloth. As you dry, ensure that the wheels are clean in every service.

Protecting When You Clean Alloy Wheels

A few times a year when you clean alloy wheels it is worth adding another step. This last step is to apply a wheel wax, which acts as a sealant. It will help keep dirt and debris out and prevent it from scratching up your wheel. Using a wax will help make your regular cleaning easier too.

Final Tips For Alloy Wheel Cleaning

For the best results, regular cleaning can be done weekly with the waxing done about 4 times a year. You should be careful about what products you use. Make sure that they are not corrosive. It is always worth reading the label to be sure the product is suitable for use on alloy wheels.

Keeping your alloy wheels looking good and in good condition can be done by following a routine cleaning schedule. Clean alloy wheels go beyond just looking good, the right maintenance also ensures that they can do their job properly and serve you well for many years.

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